Michelle Obama Tells Leno Why Her Wardrobe Doesn't Cost $150,000

Michelle Obama shares shopping secrets, talks life on the campaign trail, and says Barack is "romantic."

Michelle Obama shared her shopping secrets on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, after the comedian said in his opening monologue that no one is dressing up like Palin for Halloween because the costume costs $150,000.

Michelle said that she and her husband have a policy of spend their own money on their clothes. Referring to her yellow and brown blouse, yellow skirt and coordinating swing style  sweater, the potential First Lady said:

Actually, this is a J. Crew ensemble. You can get some good stuff online. When you don't have time you have to click online.

She also gracefully declined the opportunity for a cat fight when Leno brought up the Palin family's pricey R.N.C. sponsored ensembles: