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Exonerated Death Row Prisoners Call for Clemency for Troy Davis

"Like Troy, we were denied justice. Like Troy, we spent years, locked up 23 hours a day, waiting to die."
***UPDATE: Troy Davis was granted a stay of execution. Go here for more information.***

Below is a statement from a group of exonerated death row prisoners calling on the state of Georgia to stop the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, who was scheduled to be executed on Oct 27, 2008.

Troy was convicted in 1991 of the killing of a white police officer, Mark MacPhail, despite the fact that no physical evidence connected him to the crime.

Rather he was convicted on the basis of 9 witnesses -- 7 of whom have now come forward to recant their original testimony.

But the courts have denied Troy the opportunity to let a jury hear this evidence.

Those exonerated from death row know all too well the flaws that exist within our capital punishment system.

They add their voices to the international chorus that has called upon Georgia to halt the execution of Troy Davis, including the parliament of the European Union, Pope Benedict XVI and former President Jimmy Carter.

Initiated by: The Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Witness to Innocence and Resurrection after Exoneration.

Allow Troy the Chance to Join the Exonerated

We are part of the team of 130 death row prisoners exonerated from various states across this country. We call upon Georgia state officials not to proceed with killing a person who we strongly believe is innocent, just like we were. Like Troy, we were denied fairness and justice. Like Troy, we spent endless years, locked up for 23 hours a day, waiting to die. We strongly believe that if Troy is able to present his yet-unheard evidence to a jury of his peers, he would surely be found innocent of the crime that sent him to death row. We feel confident that he would surely be exonerated number 131, and we welcome the opportunity to have him join our team.

Do the right thing by Troy -- let justice prevail, and stop his execution.

Dan Bright, Louisiana death row exoneree

Albert Burrell, Louisiana death row exoneree

Shareef Cousin, Louisiana death row exoneree

Gary Gauger, Illinois death row exoneree

Michael Graham, Louisiana death row exoneree

Shujaa Graham, California death row exoneree

Stanley Howard, Illinois death row exoneree

Ron Keine, New Mexico death row exoneree

Curtis Kyles, Louisiana death row exoneree

Ryan Matthews, Louisiana death row exoneree

Juan Melendez, Florida death row exoneree

Curtis McCarty, Oklahoma death row exoneree

John Thompson, Louisiana death row exoneree

Delbert Tibbs, Florida death row exoneree

Darby Tillis, Illinois death row exoneree

Greg Wilhoit, Oklahoma death row exoneree

Harold Wilson, Pennsylvania death row exoneree
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