Maher's 'Religulous' Continues to Own Zucker's 'Carol'

Bill Maher continues to thrash conservative David Zucker's "An American Carol" for the second week in a row.

When I was in grad school at USC, every Monday was devoted to analyzing the weekend boxoffice. 

Some habits die hard:

This Wk Last Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative Gross Rlse Wks # of Theaters
13 10 Religulous Lionsgate $2,230,898 $6,732,631 2 568
15 9 American CarolVivendi Entertainment $1,395,000 $5,971,000 2 1621

Bill Maher's Religulousand the poorly-timed David Zucker conservative tirade An American Carol have been in release for 2 weeks.  While still on roughly one-third the number of screens as the An American Carol, Religulous took in over $835,000 more in boxoffice receipts.  That makes its cumulative gross $761,631 more than An American Carol.

In common Hollywood parlance, it's known as an "ass whipping."  

Maybe, as they say, it's a "liberal plot" against American Carol.  Or maybe the American public just doesn't have an appetite right now for a 90 minute hissy fit associated with the ideology most people blame for a disastrous war and a tanking economy.

Who knows.
Jane Hamsher is the founder of FireDogLake. Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect.