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The Pleasure Principle


(4) You, as one human being in this glorious garden of multiplicity, will have the most energy, capability, and skill if you are aligned with your essence and pleasure. You will have more staying-power instead of getting discouraged when dramatic results fail to show up instantly. What you do will be infused with love, beauty, and meaning, rather than the grudging sense of duty that makes some activism grim and counterproductive. In experiencing the pleasure of being alive and using your gifts fully, you will afford others a glimpse of that possibility, inspiring them to do the same, adding to your positive impact.

I like this Janiva Magness version of “Things Left Undone.”

When your life is over, and you’re reaching in the end,
River of Jordan is around the bend,
Will you be counting all the trophies that you won?
Or will you look back on the things left undone?

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