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Obama Has Acknowledged the Hunger Strike — But Will He Act to Close Guantánamo?


In a recent interview with CBC TV in Canada, Brandon described the many things he saw at Guantánamo that drove him to call for its closure. He talked of unsafe living conditions, outside cages, of seeing guards “beat some of these detainees to a bloody pulp…”

In spite of the risks he faces in speaking out publicly about Guantánamo, Brandon urges others to speak out. He lauds the striking prisoners for their bravery and says, “Now it’s time for the people to put the pressure back on the government. We talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk.”

Can you hear that, Mr. Obama? Do you care enough about this glaring moral crisis, this deeply rooted American problem, to move forcefully to do what you promised to do in 2009?

Walk the walk. Close Guantánamo. Repatriate and rehabilitate those destroyed by it.

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