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Let’s Talk About Rape, Shall We? A Letter to Richard Mourdock


There is another God – the one who created a world filled with riches, beauty, awe, wonder and abundance. A world where we can all have our basic needs met without any harm to any being or the planet itself. One of my basic needs as a woman, and dare I suggest, one of your basic needs as well Mr. Mourdock, is for every person to be safe and secure in his or her own body. You seem to have no problem valuing this need for a fetus, can you please help me understand how come you do not value this need for my life?

When you say that “Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”, what I hear is that you do not value or care about women’s lives, safety and well-being. Is that true or are you just playing a political game? If you do not value women, then you do not deserve to go to Washington, D.C. to represent women. And if this is simply a political game you are playing to win, then shame on you. This is not a funny game. This is a matter of life and death.

I am not angry Mr. Mourdock. I am horrified and heartbroken that your thoughts and positions could be so deeply removed from the actual lived experiences of rape victims. I want politicians who are willing to listen to the needs of their constituents, who have compassion, and who care about the well-being of all beings – including living and breathing women. And what this compassion and care would look like to me Mr. Mourdock is not presuming to know what God intended for someone else or how someone else should act in such a circumstance. I want politicians who place the most personal decisions in a woman’s life in the hands of that very woman herself. A politician who trusts that each individual, and only each individual, knows what is best for her and what she needs to heal and move forward after such a traumatic event. A politician who trusts that each individual knows what her God intends for her life rather than presume that he knows better.

In your words, I do not hear one ounce of care or compassion. Mr. Mourdock I do not trust you to make decisions that are grounded in care and compassion for women. Until you can show that you actually care about women, you do not deserve to represent them in the United States Senate.


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