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Gimme Shelter: (un)affordable housing

  • Maybe co-op housing isn’t just for students. Could community colleges which usually serve the poorest populations, and other “opportunity organizations” help sponsor co-ops? (see my article on co-ops in the Winter, 2013 edition of Tikkun magazine)

  • LATER: I had made cookies for the affordable housing meeting, but the group turned out to be bigger than I expected, so I didn’t share them. Later, I saw a homeless woman who’d attended the meeting sitting on a curb and asked if she wanted the cookies. She gladly accepted and enthused, “I can’t remember the last time I had a homemade cookie.” Of course not, I realized. No home, no oven. And who donates homemade cookies to food banks or shelters? It’s not practical. But such a thing as hunger for a homemade cookie, the wish for a private bed in which to make love – these are unmet needs that fester.

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