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Facing the Specter of Muslim American Terrorism


In light of these reports, I fail to see the big picture benefit. With every such publication or news story, Muslim Americans are feeling more insecure. We no longer know who is watching us at school, work, or even at our place of worship. We don’t know if our friend is really a friend or an undercover agent. Life is bound to become full of fear, suspicion and stress. Add to that the current wave of vandalism and outcry against the building of mosques in our communities, and we find ourselves raising an entire generation of people who fear their own government, as well as each other. How is that conducive to a peaceful, prosperous nation?

Saadia Faruqi is an interfaith liaison for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, and editor of the Interfaith Houston blog. She is actively involved in interfaith coalition building in the Greater Houston community. Most recently she has led a cultural sensitivity training for the Houston Police Department and continues to offer Islam in America presentations at local academic and religious institutions. In addition to her own blog, she writes for the Houston Community Newspapers, Altmuslimah and Religious Freedom USA.

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