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Dershowitz and Yeshiva University Diss President Carter & the USA


Crossposted on Tikkun Daily

By MJ Rosenberg

Maybe I’m old school. But I was brought up to be grateful to the United States for being the best and safest home Jews have ever had.

My grandparents were immigrants who knew how lucky they were that they escaped Europe back at the beginning of the 20th century especially after their siblings, and their siblings’ families who stayed behind, died in the Nazi death camps (one survived and made it to Israel after the war).

My parents were typical Americans of the World War II era. They loved this country, they loved Roosevelt and although Israel played a big part in their lives, this was their country just like English was their language and Judaism was their faith.

How patriotic were they? My dad taught me the presidents in order when I was 9. I did the same with my kids and now with my grand kids.

In fact, during the 2012 election, my then four year old grandson asked what we would do if Mitt Romney won “because we aren’t for him.” I told him that he’d be our president just like President Obama.” He was reassured. He wants to like the president.

In our family, we respect the institutions of our country, including the presidency, even if we didn’t vote for the particular holder of the office. My wife’s family was even more patriotic. Her parents survived the Holocaust and she was born in a Jewish refugee camp in Germany. Criticize America and my father-in-law would say, “go to Stalin then.” No matter Stalin was long dead!

In other words, we are nothing like Alan Dershowitz.

I just read that the Harvard law professor is having an hysterical fit because Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law school is presenting an award to former president, Jimmy Carter. Yeshiva is a Jewish university, as is Brandeis, about which Dershowitz also wept and gnashed molars when it invited Carter to speak.

Dershowitz told Ha’aretz why the former president should not speak at Jewish schools:

He cited a long list of Carter’s offenses, saying that the former U.S. President “stood idly by” during the Pol Pot massacre in Cambodia, “never met a terrorist he didn’t like”, was beholden to Saudi Arabia and bore “partial responsibility” for the carnage of the second intifada because he “encouraged” Yasser Arafat at Camp David not to reach a peace deal.

And then, in the egomaniacal style that has made him the The Donald of lawyers, he demanded that “someone like myself” speak along side the former president. He said that Carter “should be made to regret that he ever agreed to accept the award.”

Forget the part about Pol Pot. Dershowitz, as everyone knows, is only concerned about Carter’s criticism of Israel and, in particular, about Carter’s accurate description of conditions on the West Bank (not in Israel itself) as like “apartheid.” Criticizing Israel is verboten in Dersh’s world. And that is why he hates Carter. Israel is Dershowitz’s City On The Hill, shining perfection.

That is why Dershowitz supports all prime ministers of Israel. He may like some more than others but he believes that Israel and its leaders, unlike the United States and its leaders, must be respected. You know, he feels about Israel the way we feel about the United States. (Imagine. This guy teaches about the United States Constitution at Harvard whose students apparently are more tolerant of bigoted fools than they were in the 1960′s).

The president of Yeshiva University, a guy named Richard Joel, is almost as bad. He defends the invitation to Carter but then falls all over himself apologizing.