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The Battle Over ‘I Love Boobies’


"[The August 7 decision] is a really important rule for schools to follow. When they see a message that a student is conveying a message, is talking about something that is a social or political issue, they can't go looking for a way to eventually sanitize that," Roper told RH Reality Check. "This means that schools have to really confront the fact that kids are gonna talk about controversial issues. They need to make sure there's room for that conversation to happen."

But not everyone thinks "I Love Boobies!" is a message worth promoting. Last year, Jessica S. Holmes, a public voices fellow with the Op-Ed Project, opined at the Huffington Post that these "pink ribbon culture" movements present breast cancer as "a 'sexy' disease"—one that should be publicly represented by "young, intact, firm ta-tas in order to save them." Holmes continued, "Cancerous breasts threaten idealized femininity and the eroticization of the female body, and these 'awareness' campaigns are no different from the over-sexualized and fetishized imagery in mainstream culture, which reduces a woman's value to her body parts."


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