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Homophobes Lose This Round: Congressman Michaud and Maine Pride


Congressman Michaud knows that an awful lot of Maine people are up against it right now.  Their state leads the country into recessions and is at the rear of the pack during recovery.  Young Maine men and women struggle to find jobs and higher education is often out of reach.  Maine’s higher proportion of seniors struggling in cold climates need a leader who knows how to fight.  And being the target of prejudice, standing up to bullies, that takes a fighter. 

Congratulations Congressman Michaud, those who admire your strength have yet one more reason to honor you.  And I can’t help but thing that there’s some young man or woman in Maine or elsewhere in this nation that will draw courage from your actions.  Young people will know that they can candidly be who they are.  Hopefully this campaign against you will backfire and prove to enlightened folks and homophobes, gays and lesbians, transgender folks and bi-sexual individuals, that the sexual orientation of great leaders is irrelevant.  Here’s to a whole new generation of happy healthy well-adjusted leaders who are learning from your example.    

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