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Wake up Boehner, John. Morning Bells Are Ringing: The Dems Won


Non-partisan economists said this plan did not compute unless Romney and Ryan raised revenue from the middle class by eliminating deductions vital to them, such as those on mortgages. Romney and Ryan insisted they could, in fact, magically make the numbers add up without adding to the tax burden of the middle class.

But they refused to disclose that super-secret formula. For some reason, the American people didn’t believe them.  They chose President Obama instead – the guy who flat out said he’d raise taxes on the rich and whose health care law broadly expands Medicaid. They chose the guy whose vice president pledged that the administration would not cut Social Security.

Thanks to the right-wing Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing unlimited contributions to super PACs, a handful of the nation’s richest – including Kenneth Langone, founder of Home Depot; billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch; gambling kingpin Sheldon Adelson; Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts; Texas industrialist Harold Simmons, and Texas homebuilder Bob Perry – spent hundreds of millions in an attempt to buy a President for themselves.

They failed. The feet of hundreds of thousands of volunteers beat them. Jonathan Collegio, the spokesman for one of those Republican super PACs, American Crossroads, admitted it. He told reporter Amanda Terkel at Huffington Post:

“If you look at the exit polls, the way that Obama won was on the ground in Cleveland with a lot of the minority voters. . .I just don’t know that’s a job for super PACs.”

The voters who re-elected President Obama celebrated on Tuesday, rested on Wednesday, then went back to the streets on Thursday. They demonstrated at more than 100 sites across the country to demand protection for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, to demand that some stinking “grand bargain” to avoid the fiscal cliff does not include cuts to crucial programs promised the middle class. They re-elected President Obama and now they going to make sure he can keep his promises to them.

Hey, John Boehner: Morning bells are ringing. And if Republicans don't wake up and listen to the middle class, what they'll hear is mourning bells tolled after they lose even more seats.