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Wake up Boehner, John. Morning Bells Are Ringing: The Dems Won


Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Brother John? Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

Early in the morning, the day after Americans awarded him four more years in the White House, President Obama gave his acceptance speech then sought détente immediately by calling GOP  Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Johnny and Mitch rebuffed him. They were asleep, Barack Obama was informed. They would not be rousted to speak to the likes of the President of the United States.

Then, the day after Americans voted to reject Mitt Romney's plan to reduce the deficit on the back of the middle class, Johnny and Mitch insisted that Congress must reduce the deficit on the back of the middle class.

Johnny and Mitch need to wake up to the new reality. Ding, dang dong. Republicans lost. They lost the Presidency. They lost seats in both the House and the Senate. The American people smacked Republicans down and trounced the GOP’s darling Tea Party. Losers don’t disrespect the victors. And, Johnny and Mitch, just FYI, losers don’t dictate the terms of armistice. The victor in the 2012 Presidential election ran on a pledge not to renew those expiring Bush tax cuts for the rich. American voters validated those terms.

President Obama and Mitt Romney reveled in their differences. The choice was clear for Americans. For his part, Romney dismissed 47 percent of Americans as lazy, irresponsible “takers” and promised to decrease taxes for the nation’s wealthiest by 20 percent beyond the Bush cuts.

President Obama, by contrast, promised he would let expire the Bush tax cuts for everyone earning more than $250,000 a year, which would include himself and Mitt Romney. As Republicans carped about the nation’s debt, Obama said it was time for those who had benefited most from America to fulfill their responsibilities to their country.

Not only did voters choose President Obama and his fiscal plan, but they also said in exit interviews that those Bush tax cuts for the rich have gotta go. Here’s what an infamous number – 47 percent – told the exit pollsters about the rich: Anyone earning more than a quarter million should pay more taxes. An additional 13 percent said everyone’s taxes should be raised.

Those results are consistent with the way Americans voted on local tax measures. They increased their own taxes repeatedly on Tuesday.

Residents of California and Arkansas, San Antonio and Austin voted to pay more in taxes for specific purposes such as education and infrastructure. In Oregon and Florida, voters rejected limits on and elimination of certain taxes.

The vast majority of Americans are willing to do their part to support their country. And they expect no special exemption from that responsibility for the nation’s richest. They sent that message Tuesday through their ballot choices.

John Boehner must have snoozed through that missive. On Wednesday, after speaking with fellow Republicans on a conference call – apparently he was awake for that one – Boehner announced that he would refuse to allow the Bush tax cuts for the rich to expire.

He also said any deal with the White House to avoid the automatic budget cuts and tax increases dubbed the “fiscal cliff” that will occur Jan. 1, 2013 barring action by Congress must include overhauls to the tax code, Medicare and Medicaid.

The American people rejected all of this while Boehner was unconscious on Tuesday.

Romney chose as his vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who proposed voucherizing Medicare to shift costs to seniors and butchering Medicaid by shoving responsibility for it to the states. The Romney-Ryan team proposed cutting income taxes by 20 percent for everyone, including the rich, and recouping the revenue loss by closing loopholes they kept in a special secret lock box.