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Republicans Reject Union Workers But Respect Union Refs


The same way NFL teams choose the top-performing players they can get or an employer selects the best workers for the job, the NFL picked Hochuli and the other 120 refs. The NFL believed those 121 individuals to be unrivaled. After they were hired, the refs received training and experience on the job. The same as all workers do.

Disregarding all that, employers increasingly lock out workers. In any given year now, workers strike 83 percent less often than they did 20 years ago. But employers now lock out workers so often that this measure taken against workers accounts for a record number of work disruptions.

This is disrespect. This is disregard for the value, skill, training and quality of workers. And it’s not safe. That was an argument made by NFL players who feared they’d be hurt in games they perceived to be unruly under substitute refs. The danger of replacements is a fact.

When Con Edison locked out 8,000 utility workers in New York last summer, at least two replacement workers – both managers – were hurt. One was burned in a manhole explosion and the other in a substation fire. Utility Workers Union spokesman John Melia said trying to replace trained and experienced utility workers with managers was unwise:

“We really doubt whether you can take someone out of an office cube and put him down a flaming manhole.”

The same was true when Honeywell International locked out its uranium processing workers in Metropolis, Ill., in 2010 and replaced them with substitutes whose training to handle the highly toxic combustible and corrosive chemicals used to process uranium for nuclear fuel was questionable.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission cited Honeywell for illegally coaching replacement workers on exams. And at least two dangerous incidents occurred at the plant while substitutes worked there, including a release of hydrofluoric acid.

Maybe now that they’ve seen what happened with the replacement refs, the GOP will respect workers.

Naw. That would be too good to be true, like the NFL reversing that bad call on the Packers-Seahawks game.