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Republicans Love Lucy


So, of course, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock of Indiana contended in a debate last year that pregnancies resulting from rape are “something that God intended to happen.”

So, of course, as Republican lawmakers tried to restrict abortion out of existence in Texas last month, without providing exceptions for rape or incest victims, GOP state Sen. Bob Deuell contended only “accurate intercourse” causes pregnancy and GOP state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg contended rape victims don’t get pregnant because “a woman can get cleaned out” with a forensic rape kit.

Texas Republicans passed the law last week, never hearing the voices of thousands of women who went to Austin repeatedly to protest it.

Republican politicians believe that they have the right to control women’s bodies. That is because the GOP seeks what it calls “traditional family values.” Those are the mores of the 1950s. Those are the values Desi Arnaz articulated on “I Love Lucy,” like during the “Equal Rights,” episode when he said: “I am the first one to agree women should have all the rights they want, as long as they stay in their place.”

For the Republican Party, that place would be barefoot and pregnant. That’s the goal of the party’s efforts to outlaw birth control and abortion. Two years ago, Republicans in Mississippi tried to pass what they called a personhood amendment, which declared a zygote – the cell formed at the moment of fertilization – to be a human being with all the rights of the mother carrying the cell.

Even in conservative Mississippi, voters by a wide margin rejected this scheme. It would have criminalized many forms of birth control and even in vitro fertilization. Despite that trouncing, four major GOP presidential candidates pledged to support a personhood amendment.

Although Republicans in places like Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina and Virginia passed measures this year to restrict abortions and close clinics, judges have almost immediately blocked implementation of many of them. Some Republican governors admitted when they signed the measures that they knew they’d probably be overturned.

For example, Gov. Jack Dalrymple said in March that a judge would likely strike down North Dakota’s new law, but he didn’t care. He’d spend taxpayers’ dollars on a losing battle to defend it anyway. This from a member of the Republican Party, which claims it seeks less government spending, regulation and intrusion into people’s lives.

Republicans want to return to the days of Dezi, who told Lucy in the “Equal Rights” episode: “We are going to run this house like we do in Cuba where the man is the master and the woman does what she is told.”

Republicans should beware, though. As “Julie” warns in their ad: “Now, I am paying more attention” – maybe because she sees the GOP attempting to take her reproductive rights away. Republicans trying to attract women to their party while insulting their intelligence with anti-Obamacare ads should beware.  Lucy divorced Desi.