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Paul Ryan Disses "The Help" Again


The idea is to spend government money immediately to stimulate the economy and create jobs, which, in turn, will lower government costs and the deficit in the long run as less is paid out in unemployment benefits, food stamps and other aid, while at the same time more is paid into the government in taxes by the newly employed. This is stimulus Ryan once believed in – of course, that’s when there was a Republican in the White House.

The Back to Work Budget doesn’t balance. But economists like Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and public policy experts like former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich have repeatedly pointed out that the federal budget does not have to balance. It is not at all like a family budget, Reich has emphasized. In fact, he explains, it’s crucial when unemployment strains family budgets for the federal government to spend to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

While Ryan claims his austerity budget would balance in 10 years, that’s highly doubtful since he cuts taxes on the rich and never explains what loopholes he would close to offset that massive loss of income – if that’s even possible.

That’s among the budget secrets Ryan doesn’t deign to share with “The Help.”

It’s revealing that when Ryan ran for vice president last fall, he lost his home precinct, his hometown, his home county, and his home state. As well as the majority of the country. Once Americans got to know Paul Ryan, they didn’t like him or his ideas or his attitude toward them.

Ryan says he’s not going to change anything just because America rebuffed him and his ideas. Instead, he’s ordering Americans to do his bidding. Again.

Ryan is confused about what his job is.

The American people don’t serve Paul Ryan. They’re not “The Help.” He’s “The Help.” And right now, by demanding austerity that Americans already rejected, Paul Ryan is back-talking the boss. It’s insolent, insubordinate and disrespectful.