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Mexican American Studies Fiasco in Tucson Will End in 2013, Feds Willing


In looking at the long-term impact of the vote, as a new TUSD school board takes over in January, and as Mexican American Studies students await another federal court decision on the constitutionality of the controversial state law against Ethnic Studies, Ortega said:

Despite the confusion over last Tuesday's board meeting, we are still within striking distance of victory. In the Sonoran Desert, politicians and their hateful rhetoric tend to come and go. These temporary gasps of intolerance are never a real match for us. We have grown deep roots made of history and identity over the decades and they protect us from being moved. Our fight is not over and, as expected, we will continue to receive push back from TUSD bureaucrats and even from the incumbents we have kicked out of office. If last Tuesday's vote from the very board that ended MAS tells us anything it is that newly elected board members will be hard-pressed to do anything less than finish the job quickly & decisively once seated. So long as our community continues to work from a position of barrio self-determination, so long as we continue to push our newly elected board members to find the courage to use their voices and advocate, so long as we as community members continue to resist a draconian vision for our kids' future, 2013 will be the year the Mexican American Studies program returns to Tucson for good.

Make that: 2013 will be the year the Mexican American Studies program returns to Tucson for good, as long as the federal courts continue to bring some sanity back to students in Arizona.