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Diapers Aren't Toilets -- How You Can Potty Train Your Newborn at Top Speed, and Save a Nice Bundle of Cash


Photo Credit: Diaper Free

The amount of waste associated with the raising of a newborn in the USA is's some minor relief to be throwing away increasingly smaller piles of diapers. Our book said that the American infant stops wearing diapers at 24-30 months, when the world average is 18 months. Yet another area, where we aren't #1..."we," -- the big consumer cluster of the population -- teach our babies that diapers are toilets, and have an extended, unnecessary learning process.

If you try out EC, you'll discover quickly what works best in terms of holding the child over the toilet, what cue sound to make -- I use a soft whisper "Shhh" sound to make him pee and make loud fake farting sounds to encourage him to poo (these make him laugh), but you could use any you like. Last of all, I've learned from experienced ECers not to congratulate your child for doing the inevitable. Just carry on with life once it's over, just like adults do. I don't think a book is necessary, and I wouldn't spend much time reading online parenting forums. What you need is permission to take an exit ramp from the dominant culture, and try to get your baby to pee in the toilet, or at least something that isn't a diaper. 

Soon enough our son will be pooping in his own mini-toilet...and hopefully will be potty trained before he takes his first's to hoping, anyway.

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