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"Wardrobe Malfunctions" Are Out of Style


It always surprises me to see any media channel cater to this “lowest common denominator” form of vicious entertainment,  willingly perpetuating destructive rhetoric without any attempt to somehow appear informational. But this sort of reaction to “wardrobe malfunctions” is present all over the media, presumably under the (probably true) assumption that it sells. After all, I didn’t stumble upon  The Huffington Post’s images by chance—I found them specifically under “Most Popular.”

Slut-shaming is not only spread through trashy tabloids, conservative pundits, cruel male cops, and sexist judges. It is engrained into many aspects of our everyday lives, unavoidable and sometimes, in the case of  The Huffington Post, in places where you don’t necessarily expect it. Rather than spreading an already viral photo and calling it “the most powerful photo” they’ve seen all week,  The Huffington Post and other websites, newspapers, and magazines should take a look at their own power and how they use it. It’s time to realize that the constant mockery of women and their bodies does nothing but enhance the toxic culture that encourages women to hate other women, and gives men the idea that they are merely objects.

But rather than fume about what can’t easily be changed, from now on, I’m going to make a point to not click on these “wardrobe malfunction” articles--- and I encourage you to do the same.  We’ll both survive if we don’t find out what color underwear Lindsay Lohan wore out to the club, and hopefully others will catch on that degrading women has long gone out of style.