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Five Feminist Movies Your Kids Should See


5) A League of Their Own- This 1992 comedy-drama about the women who played in the short-lived WWII era All-American Girls Professional Baseball League is awesome, but probably only for slightly older and more mature kids. All of the women in the film are fiercely talented baseball players, but face a constant uphill battle to be taken seriously in the male-dominated world of professional sports. Even when they’re met with mockery and objectification, the girls in the film stay committed to each other and to the game that they love. There are also some great male characters in the movie, like Tom Hanks as the washed-up baseball player and Rockford Peaches’ team manager, who goes through a transformation from sexist and spiteful to a strong and supportive advocate for the girls on the team. The film offers a fascinating look into a piece of history that is frequently ignored, and is a bittersweet but fun account of 1940s women who boldly challenged gender roles. 

These films all feature strong, ambitious, and complex female characters from a wide range of historical periods. In some, challenging traditional gender roles is central to the theme, and in others, the bold and well-written female characters make a strong enough statement just by being themselves. These films show smart women and girls solving conflicts by exercising physical and emotional strength, but never using violence. They can all be used to start conversations about gender or just to enjoy, and are guaranteed to be much more satisfying and enjoyable than the 13th sequel to the Transformers movie. But we need more films like these that star or feature women of color—besides Hairspray, unfortunately this list admittedly portrays a pretty whitewashed view of the world. Any suggestions?