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What Happens to Your Stuff When You End Up Homeless?


The loss of the sensitive documents (and other stuff with limited value except to the owner) is a huge issue. Try to replace identification, or prove your case to the IRS, or piece together your family history, or pass on your family bible or heirloom to your children. The collateral damage in storage wars may not seem significant, except to the biggest losers.

HEAR US, my nonprofit, is taking steps to ease the pain.

  • The Babes of Wrath are drafting legislation to give locked-out tenants a chance to retrieve the sensitive personal stuff before it gets auctioned. Our website has info.
  • We’ve got an online survey that will gauge renters’ experiences with lockouts.
  • We’ve created a 1-page awareness sheet to remind renters of lockout perils and offered simple steps to help.
  • We’ll stir up awareness to enlighten the clueless about how homelessness happens.

Maybe someday Storage Wars will do a show on how these auctions inflict deep pain and suffering on the owner of the stuff that gets tossed and sold. From all indications, that number will soar as poverty rises like floodwaters, with millions of lives in shambles.