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We Pay Dearly When Kids Get Too Little, Too Late


We’ll soon announce an exciting campaign that evolved from this 5,000+-mile journey. We want to make things a little better for those at the bottom of the economic mountain. We’ll need you—and all your circle of compassionate friends—to join with us. So make sure you like EPIC Journey to hear more about it.

It’s easy to swirl around in the vitriol and despair. But, believe it our not, more good people than bad continue to accomplish tremendous deeds to improve our hurting world. 

Your energy, thoughts and support have sustained us on this marathon adventure. I’ve enjoyed writing these blogs. And we’ll both continue to scheme and struggle to make this a better world for kids to inherit. We just hope that the powers-that-be don't figure out how to tax these kids' inheritance. 

Our Babes of Wrath tour, ( EPIC Journey Facebook page), gives voice and visibility to homeless families, youth and individuals.   HEAR US Inc., my nonprofit, sponsored this tour to, well, inspire the wrath to fuel a  compassion epidemic.