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More Evidence to the Point: Homeless Families/Youth Numbers Defy Experts' Undercounts


And, for the record, as I travel under my HEAR US banner and talk with local do-gooders—the shelter staff whose HUD-funded shelters struggle with the human tsunami—I constantly hear how the vaunted Point-In-Time count is little more than a shot in the dark required to satisfy HUD’s requirements. Trying to make it sound like anything more is disingenuous.

Can we quit the war of numbers? Can we as a nation admit we have a problem? Can we count the millions of our sisters and brothers who languish without a place to call home instead of quibbling dispassionately about who’s “literally” homeless?

We’ve made incremental progress, certainly not enough if you’re standing at the outside looking in. I’d suggest a week without a home for the ivory tower denizens. A reality check. Those not “literally homeless” could teach a thing or two. If that doesn’t work, I’ll point you to Maggy, my hair stylist.