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Double-Dog-Dare to 2016 Prez Candidates: Travel With Me to See Homelessness (Pt 1)


We lumbered westward, across the arid TX panhandle that offers an olfactory, um, experience as we passed seemingly endless holding pens of cattle awaiting their trip to McDonalds, et al. The natural but rugged beauty of northern New Mexico and Arizona would have been daunting for the Okies and other migrants in their jalopies. 

Pat and I went to jail, a youth facility in Flagstaff, where kids spoke bluntly of what landed them there. Staff defied stereotypes of cruel jailers. Again, we shared MOFW and addressed community members, finding tons of compassion. (Note to candidates: compassion is alive and well. Deal with it.)

Our Los Angeles stop was eye-opening: Skid Row is the poster child of failed local efforts to provide humane options for homeless adults as well as kids. Listening to the terror in a mother’s voice as she described her fear of Skid Row—for her and her kids—was heartbreaking. This stalwart mother desperately turned instead to high-priced motels, and lost all her possessions in the too-common version of “Storage Wars.”

Later this week I’ll share our observations about the return trip, which ended up in chic Charleston, SC. In the meantime, give this post a bunch of loving! LIKE, share, and comment so my “double-dog-dare” gets some traction. I'll need time to get my house in order before any big-wig company knocks on my door!