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'THE' Count -- HUD Ignores Millions of Homeless Persons


Grossly inaccurate counts greatly reduce not only emergency shelter, justifying the inadequate resources allocated by Congress for more comprehensive family housing options, sending families spinning in a vortex of survival. Among other parts of this crisis, the little babies and toddlers, in the prime stage of development, get the short end of their parents’ attention and nurturing, thus the kids grow up less likely to succeed. And we all pay.

Homeless kids,and families, count. Now if we can just get HUD to count them. Then they can turn to Congress with some real numbers.

(Pat LaMarche and I will be on our HEAR US IncBabes of Wrath month-long, 5000 mile journey through the southwest starting Monday, 1/21/13. I’ll be posting here every couple days. Look forward to having you along for the ride!)