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10 Lessons From My Idol: 'Stacy'—Teacher, Role Model, and Courageous Champion


10.   Stacy is a champion. She allowed me to invade her life 3 years ago, neither of us knowing where that would lead. She’s trusted me. I treasure her. And I will continue to share her ongoing story to inspire, cajole, and poke those in power to use their power for the good of the masses.

No easy answers exist for these growing problems, but I guarantee that if we could assemble a panel to address Congress, the participants would teach more than the above 10 lessons. Whether or not our lawmakers would be able to learn, and to break their addiction to money and power long enough to respond in a compassionate manner remains to be seen. If we don’t try something significant soon, most of us will find ourselves in this sinkhole known as American poverty. And we’d better hope for the experts like Stacy to show us how to survive.