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The White Gaze Quite Literally Shot and Killed Jonathan Ferrell


The White Right will of course default to a logic wherein a black man is de facto a criminal until proven otherwise. This is a function of their (racial) Authoritarianism; Conservatives, despite all of their empty words about "tyranny" and "big government" have no problem with giving the police the right to summarily execute black and brown folks on the street.

And the complexities of a society steeped in racial inequality and White Supremacy will be ignored and overlooked by those in the public unable to reconcile how a black president, as well as black police officials and law enforcement agents at the highest ranks, and a culture of systematic violence against black and brown people, can simultaneously co-exist in the same historical moment.

In all, Whiteness considers white racism to be an extraordinary social phenomenon. Consequently, racism, as opposed to being one of the most well-documented facts of American life by social scientists, requires an extraordinary proof to satisfy those white folks who are both actively and passively invested in maintaining (and protecting) systems of white privilege and White Supremacy.

The White Gaze killed Jonathan Ferrell. He will not be the last one of its victims.