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She Committed No Wrong. Why Then Did Melissa Harris-Perry Apologize to Mitt Romney's Family?


Melissa Harris-Perry has apologized to Mitt Romney's family.

The lie that is the myth of the "liberal media" is exposed again.

Martin Bashir was fired from his show on MSNBC for telling the truth about Sarah Palin's gross and disgusting ahistorical and offensive comparison of "Obamacare" to black chattel slavery.

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry has suffered a week of heckling criticism from conservatives and the Right-wing noise machine because one of her guests made an observation about how seemingly out of place Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild is in the sea of waspy Whiteness that is the Romney clan.

Moreover, the brief discussion of Romney's adopted grandchild was benign. No one pointed out the reasonable (and obvious) questions that could be asked about why a family of white Mormons, who are among their religion's "elect" and elite families, would adopt a person of color when black people are supposedly stained by the Curse of Ham and not allowed (until a recent "revelation") access to white Mormon heaven? Nor did anyone highlight how the racial diversity in the one time Republican Party presidential nominee's family is seemingly at odds with the Tea Party GOP's white identity politics of racial resentment.

In the United States, politician's families are supposedly "off limits" for sniping and dart throwing by one's ideological foes. Of course, this is not true. Obama's family and children have suffered vicious racial taunts and insults from conservatives and their media apparatus. The Clinton family was also not considered as being on neutral ground and above the political fray.

Apparently, the above rules of decency only apply to conservatives. From the "War on Christmas", to the myth of the "liberal media", and a belief in "reverse racism" and other assorted fictions, the Right-wing has created an alternative reality where "good people" like them, i.e. white conservatives, are perennial victims in post civil rights era America. Such a crippling persistent state of unfairness and oppression extends upward from the rank-and-file low information Fox News viewer, to their heroes and darlings such as Sarah Palin and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, and even to the Romney clan, the Kochs, and Rupert Murdoch.

I have little use for the pop psychology offered up on daytime television by people such as Dr. Phil or Oprah. However, I did take away two gems of knowledge and wisdom from their respective shows that could be of use in understanding the need by "progressives" and "liberals" to always apologize for the purpose of soothing Right-wingers' supposedly hurt feelings.

One, we teach people how to treat us. Two, people will tell and show you who they really are. Very often nice people are very naive and stupid in how they do not apply such rules in their lives. Thus, they perpetuate the conditions of their own abuse. To point. The Republican Party uses political thuggery and bullying to get its way. Like all bullies, they then cry and complain that they are the real victims when their former prey stands up to them.

In this scenario, the Republican Party is the equivalent of a domestic batterer who beats the hell out of their partners or other family members. The victim stands up for him or herself and retaliates in self-defense. The domestic abuser is shocked and hurt by this defiance. Somehow they imagine themselves as being abused, and then try to convince the police of said "fact".

And guess who gets to spend the night in jail as the abuser gins of some manufactured tears and halting breath as they explain to anyone who will listen that they are the "real victim" in the relationship?