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How Do We Interpret Christopher Dorner?


An image released by Irvine Police Department shows suspect Christopher Dorner on February 3, 2013. Dorner was pinned down Tuesday after exchanging gunfire with police near a California ski resort, officials and reports said.

As he sat, surrounded, in that cabin with his foes having now encircled and closed in, was Dorner meditating on his role as an anti-hero to some, a villain to others? Did he make peace with the outcome and the consequences of his decision to shoot and kill several people? He fought “The “Man.” But, in the end, did “The Man” really win? Given the bloody end of the Christopher Dorner saga the public will likely never get a clear answer.

Christopher Dorner will live a life much longer than the 30 years he spent on terrestrial earth. The 24/7 news cycle will quickly move on. But in many communities Dorner is going to be discussed—both positively and negatively—for quite some time to come.