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First the "Knockout Game" and Now This! The Obamas' Racist Dog Attacks an Innocent White Child!


Readers of my home site  We Are Respectable Negroes know that I am fascinated by the  rhetorical style and of  tone of late 19th and early 20th century American newspapers. The coincidence of the White Right's "knockout game" moral panic, and the Obama's family dog knocking over a white child who was visiting the White House,  is too perfect a combination to ignore, especially as some in the Right-wing noise machine are crying that the latter is some type of "Nixonian" offense.
Our wonderful country, a beacon of civilization and greatness for all of the world is once more under assault! How can she and her people survive being violated at the highest levels of office by a corrupt negro president whose blood pulses and runs with the most befouled and savage blood of deepest darkest Africa while our good and innocent women and honorable men and elderly are run down likes rabbits in the great hunt by the most lowest members of the colored race and its giant negro warriors who howl and bay at the moon like savage werewolves as they see White Civilization as a target for rapine lust which their swollen purple lips utter and vomit out as the so-called "knockout game!"

Never before has a standard so foul flown above a marauding army. The black destroyers are wicked and cruel. They are street pirates more fit for the waterways of the Caribbean or enslaving white women and men off of the Barbary Coast than of polluting America's streets! The negro hobby and sport that is the knockout game is  drapetomania unleashed on the good and noble white people of this great nation. It must be stopped!

The bravest truth tellers who embody all the best of the American creed and the power of the free press have trumpeted the black wickedness of the hooga mooga's savage knockout game assault on American civility and decency. The negro cowards pray upon the innocent and the weak. Hopping out of bushes. Attacking in fearsome packs like the driver ants of their colored race's ancestral home in the jungles of African, cutting down and destroying all in their wake without mercy. The knockout game thugs offer no parlay to their victims. Without the honor of even the noble red savage of the Old West, or the feminine races of East Asian, the white toothed black savage attacks any white person they can find!

Intrepid white journalists have documented this catastrophic tsunami of negro violence.  Our greatest cities have been overrun by roving bands of black highwayman.  New Haven is under assault and its most great institution of higher learning, Yale University, is plagued by this menace. When our best minds are not even allowed peace and protection what will come of our great nation, dragged down by alien blood which has proven itself resistant to all manner and patience at civilizing its impulsive and violent ways?

Chicago, Detroit, and the wonderful metropolis that is New York all have been befallen by a dark cloud of negro violence.

When will good white people defend themselves? How long until they stop surrendering their right to self-defense as passed down by God and Natural Law for all of times? What good is a white man who is not willing to defend himself against the out of control thuggery of the negro run amok?

The perspicacious negro knockout game rioters are not only targeting good white gentlemen and gentlewoman for assaults by their hardened knuckles and coal black rage that enables one of their violent blows to feel a though it is 20 when white flesh is thrashed by those limber Jack Johnsons, Denmark Vesseys, and Nat Turners.

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