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Ebay Removes Holocaust "Memorabilia" From Its Website. Why Do They Continue to Sell Artifacts Related to the Enslavement of Black Americans?


Some of them are ignorant. Others are ashamed that their people were held as slaves--thus, to acknowledge such a crime, brings even more embarrassment and denial. And there are many individuals who are so wrapped up in the socio-political-historical knot that is white victimology, white privilege, white racism, and American Exceptionalism that to admit to the particular and special crime which was committed against black people in this country, is a personal affront, one tied to a sense of racial supremacy and a mistaken belief in the inherently benign nature of Whiteness.

Consequently, an "I take responsibility for my connection to this history in the present", and/or "black enslavement in the United States was a crime against humanity", are simply impossible statements for some people to utter, accept, and own.

eBay can sell the sacred objects of black Americans because the latter's enslavement in the Americas was (apparently) not a real crime. eBay should remove those items related to the Jewish Holocaust because to sell them is distasteful.

It would seem that racism and shame are great aids for reconciling what should be contradictory statements, that together, ought to generate a state of profound cognitive dissonance in the psyches of reasonable and moral human beings.

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