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Jews Control Economy, Claims Washington Post Op-Ed Author Who Bashes Islam Too


On Wednesday, September 19, 2012, the Washington Post published an op-ed from an Islam-bashing Christian pastor, John Hagee - founder of Christians United For Israel - who has repeatedly written in bestselling books, and broadcast around the world on evangelical networks (see Hagee statement at 10:22 in this video), a claim also promoted by Adolf Hitler - that European Jewish bankers are manipulating the economy, to the detriment of common folk.

Hagee's claim, that European Jews are manipulating the financial system, was also central to an anti-Jewish movie produced under the supervision of Hitler's chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels, " The Eternal Jew" (link to video) - commonly judged to be the most effective work of anti-Semitic propaganda ever filmed.

"The Eternal Jew" (link to wikipedia entry) depicts Jews as an invasive, amoral, corrupting societal force whose members specialize in crime, including financial manipulation of currency values. In one scene, the film shows a series of lines radiating out from central Europe, to indicate spreading global Jewish financial networks, accompanied by the narrative,

"The house of Rothschild is just one example of the use of this tactic by the Jews to spread their net of financial influence over the working man. The house of Warburg follows the same tactic as do other Jewish banking families. By the beginning of the 20th Century the Jews are sitting at all junctions of the world's money markets. They're an international power though they make up only 1% of the population of the Earth. Their capital enables them to terrorize world exchanges, world opinion, and world politics."

Compare that to the following passage, from a 1997 book (republished in 2000, in an edition billed as having sold "1.1 million copies") by Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee, founder and head of Christians United For Israel:

"Congress does not control America's economic destiny. Our economic destiny is controlled by the Federal reserve system... [...]  The Federal Reserve has never been audited, and yet it totally controls the value of money in this country... While most of the stockholders are members of the so-called Eastern Establishment, allegedly the four largest stockholders are not even Americans but members of the Rothschild family of Europe." -- John Hagee, Day of Deception  (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997) p. 51.

The Anti Defamation League describes Hagee's Federal Reserve/Rothschild conspiracy theory as a "Classic Anti-Semitic Myth", and while the financial might of the Rothschild banking dynasty was once vast, orthodox accounts of Rothschild financial fortunes report that the clan's financial holdings have dwindled, over the last century, to a small fraction of its former wealth.

Nonetheless, the style of anti-Semitic financial conspiracy theory promoted by Hagee has come to permeate the Internet, with writing from  authors who attribute a satanic origin to the alleged Jewish financial plot now claiming 3 out of the 10 top hits in a Google search for the word "Rothschild".  

In a 2003 sermon (link to video excerpt from sermon) broadcast around the world on evangelical networks, pastor Hagee explicitly identified the alleged Jewish world financial plot as part of an even more sinister project - the establishment of a governmental "New World Order" ruled by the antichrist:

Out of European history then comes a group of people who are, who call themselves the Illuminati. They were a group of Satanists. The word Illuminati comes from the word illuminate which means to enlighten. The Bible says Satan is an angel of light. Satan is an angel of light. The Illuminati were a super secret organization of international financial power brokers in Europe, who had as their goal a worldwide economic power, and they would rule the world through economic wealth.


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