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"God is indeed a homophobe" - Ron Paul Curriculum Author Who Wants Stoning, Biblical Slavery


[update, Sept. 12, 2013: here's a page, on Gary North's personal website, with videos of North talking about his role in the new Ron Paul homeschooling curriculum. North's website is peppered with extreme anti-gay rhetoric, including these quotes, from North's free book "Boundaries and Dominion - An Economic Commentary on Leviticus":

[page 26]"God is indeed a homophobe. He hates the practice and those who practice it, which is why He destroyed Sodom. God warned Israel; practice such an abomination, and the land will vomit you out, just as it vomited out its former inhabitants (Lev. 18:24-29)" [page 221] "Homosexuals do not reproduce. They recruit. There is an inescapable competition for bodies and souls: homosexuals vs. heterosexuals. If the homosexuals should win this competition, the human race will end unless test-tube babies become a cost-effective reality. This is not just a war over civilization; it is a war over the survival of the human race."


In 1976, Ron Paul's first year as a U.S. Congressional Representative, serving Texas' 22nd District, Paul brought in Christian Reconstructionist Dr. Gary North - who has advocated stoning as a capital punishment for homosexuality [see footnote 2] and argued for the enslavement of non-Christians [see footnote 1], to serve on Paul's Congressional staff as an economic analyst and newsletter writer. The relationship has continued to this day - North helped develop, along with Neo Confederate Thomas Woods, Ron Paul's new Christian home schooling curriculum, launched last April 2013. But North also claims to have helped develop Ron Paul's grand political strategy. According to Dr. North, Ron Paul's presidential runs in 2008 and 2012 were part of a stealth, long term strategy which in 2008 - Phase 1 of the strategy, "raised over $28 million, assembled a huge data base -- a postage-free data base -- and got network TV interviews all over YouTube".

North went on to describe "Phase 2" - a stealth strategy with several components. One was for Ron Paul supporters to run for government office, at every level - from town "dogcatcher" and up the line. Another was the creation of a Ron Paul homeschool curriculum. We can see the first in play starting in 2010, with the Tea Party wave that swept far-right Republicans into power in Congress and in many U.S. states. The Ron Paul homeschool curriculum was launched in 2013.

North also outlined the components of a low-cost, tech-savvy rolling political campaign in which Ron Paul would steadily, methodically, patiently build his brand name, his public presence, and his contact lists. Explained North,


"If Ron Paul will provide the leadership, he can spearhead a national movement whose goal is to roll back the state to its Constitutional limits -- its 1791 limits, meaning the Bill of Rights. All ten of them. This movement must be based on a systematic, well-thought-out campaign to roll back the civil government in every area of life in which it is operating unconstitutionally."

It is worth noting, here, that in 1791 the Constitution and Bill of Rights allowed for legal slavery and did not provide for women's suffrage. In his book Tools of Dominion [ PDF of book], Dr. North allows for a form of legal, "Biblical slavery" but argues that baptized women should be allowed to vote and hold public office. Non-Christians would, however be excluded from voting and public office.  

The objective of the Ron Paul strategy "Phase 2", per North, was "to get positioned locally with numerous officials so as to present a united front against the Federal government when it begins to falter". He went on to explain,