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Zero Dark Thirty Wins Oscar for Most Controversial Film


So once again, their “non-documentary” is said nonetheless to tell a “truthful story…based on bona fide reporting.”

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Bigelow also noted, rightly this time, that “the material also raised deep moral questions about the lines that were crossed in the war on terror, and the nature of courage and persistence in a world where the normal rules don’t seem to apply.” That seems to me to be a much more truthful—and fact-filled—description of her and Boal’s film. And here’s something else I agree with the film makers on: “With this screenplay we could perhaps spark a conversation about the shadowy lives of those in the intelligence community, the price they’ve paid for their work, and the murky deeds that were done over this dark decade in the name of national security.”

Murky deeds, indeed—although you would never know it from looking at her film. As Bigelow concludes, “That feels to me like a film worth making, and a conversation worth having, now more than ever.”

Well, she didn’t really make that film—but let’s have that conversation now, by all means!

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