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The Rolling Jubilee — Occupy’s Most Conservative Action Yet?


Perhaps, most importantly, Occupy’s charitable actions must work to bring together communities, showing people that they are not alone in their struggles. After all, real change can only occur when we feel united. 

I’ve witnessed Occupy members achieve this. I’ve seen those whose homes were saved from foreclosure by Occupy groups join Occupy to fight against other foreclosures. And I’m sure Sandy victims helped by Occupy Sandy will also be more attuned to serving their community.

Will the Rolling Jubilee have the same effect?

Kathleen Geier of Washington Monthly shares my skepticism.

She wrote:

But it very much remains to be seen if Rolling Jubilee’s debt relief effort is a promising way to organize a political movement. As a community building exercise, it may prove a bust. The debtors who are being helped out have no organic ties to the movement and may not care to participate in it.

Still, I’m inclined to support the project in hopes that those who do get their debt paid off use the liberation of that huge burden to join the fight.

There has always been a tough balance between reform and revolution, especially as we see suffering all around us. But I think if we spend only a small amount of time on reforms, and with those make sure we are fostering a community that will help fight for revolution — for real change — they can be worthwhile.

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