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Remember: When You Vote, You’re Not Doing Much At All


That’s why everyone who voted for Obama, the lesser of two evils, in order to slightly improve some lives, must continue the fight. And those whose lives were slightly improved must also continue the fight. We can’t become satisfied with voting and slight improvements — or else oppression will continue being felt worldwide.  

So as the election game finally concludes tonight — as the theatrics start winding down and the hysteria calms — we must remember that our vote didn’t do much, no matter the outcome. When we forget this, even for an instant, we become in danger of stopping the fight. And although this remembering is a very difficult task amidst the hype, we must be able to see past the illusions to recognize all the change that is possible.

So before you proudly sport that “I Voted” sticker or urge people to vote via Facebook status, be sure to think outside of the ballot box and consider ways you can become more politically active than this. Because if you think we can really change anything via voting on Election Day, well, you must remember — No we can’t.

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