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On Drone Warfare, Pakistani Man: “We Are The People Who Do Not Matter”


The Pakistanis CODEPINK’s delegation met with, however, were not seeking revenge, but rather peace for their community. Toby said she asked one man who lost his son and brother via drone, if he would use drone technology if he could have it. She said, “He answered, without hesitation, ‘Of course, I’d use them to shut down other drones.’” She then asked him if he would ever attack the U.S. with them and he said, “Absolutely not, those are innocent people over there.”

The delegation hopes that Americans will continue to stand up and take action against drones. CODEPINK encouraged the audience to shut down airbases that send drones overseas and force their local representatives to take a stance against drones. On Sunday, the day before the report back, CODEPINK members staged a die-in in front of Diane Feinstein’s house. Feinstein chairs the U.S. Select Committee on Intelligence and overseas the CIA.