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Hot Air and the Stench of Brimstone: Chaplains, Gutter Journalism, and 66 Lawmakers vs. Religious Freedom

Above: Panel from August 4, 2011 cover story in the Japanese edition of Asahi Shimbun showing a portion of the “Jesus Loves Nukes” PowerPoint Presentation

Above: Panel from August 4, 2011 cover story in the Japanese edition of Asahi Shimbun showing a portion of the “Jesus Loves Nukes” PowerPoint Presentation

Following the letter to Secretary Panetta, CARL once again attacked me, this time by means of the organization’s founder, Brig. Gen. Douglas Lee (USA-Ret.). Lee once again raised the claim that "I think [Mikey Weinstein] has way more influence in the Air Force than is necessary... Certainly when he has threatened suit, the Air Force seems to have jumped very quickly. His organization claims to be concerned about religious liberty, but I personally interpret their actions as trying to denigrate religious liberty rather than celebrate it. So, yes -- he's very much involved."

This rogue organization of retired activist chaplains operates under the deceptive title of an "Alliance for Religious Liberty." Clearly they have tried to position themselves as the “anti-MRFF”, an unholy alliance devoted to squelching any form of religious freedom. These theocratic clerics have shown themselves to be wholly opposed to the U.S. Constitution and shockingly, 66 members of Congress have joined the crusade. Their wretched campaign isn’t waged for the sake of "religious liberty" -- a term whose meaning they have attempted to twist and turn inside out --- but for its complete opposite. Their every move constitutes an attack on the rights of servicewomen, LGBT servicemembers, and the spiritually heterodox who refuse to be coercively absorbed by this zealous, militantly evangelical ultra-fundamentalist tumor existing in the U.S. military.

We may not have 4-star generals and admirals kowtowing at our feet, but our nontrivial achievements clearly speak for themselves. The hard-fought gains we've secured are not only our pride and joy, but also a credit to those constitutional stalwarts and supporters who courageously stand at our side. Our demands for constitutional conformity across the whole of the DoD will only grow louder. MRFF will stand strong as a palisade of accountability and a bulwark of defense for those countless servicemen and women who have come to us as a result of the myriad wounds and grievances they have suffered. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation will only gain strength from the attacks by this base, unprincipled, and pathologically intolerant horde of well-funded religious extremists. Indeed, we will garner more and more victories for our clients and their civil rights, irrespective of whether our fundamentalist Christian enemies   slander and assault us in the name of their perverse and twisted conception of "religious liberty," or some other fabricated excuse. As Gandhi said in regards to the universal struggle for human rights, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Or, as a friend of mine once told me, "Life sucks when those you've been persecuting begin to return fire."

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