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FUTURE HEADLINE: American Soldiers Seize & Detain U.S. Citizens as Police Block Press From Scene


I feel this country I love slowly slipping from my fingers. Which is an illusion, really, for it was never within my grasp in the first place.

The expansion of state powers broadened during the Bush era, powers ripe for civil liberty abuses, are being codified by a President who once campaigned against the very practices now being embraced.

The expansion of unchecked police powers - of unconstitutional and illegal First Amendment violations - are being witnessed in our public parks and urban streets with little or no recourse (though suits are being filed).

I feel extracted. I feel as though the rights I have as a citizen to petition the government, to oppose the government, are being extracted. I feel as though the corporate, financial conglomerates and the military industrial complexes are extracting not just my personal capital (taxes), but my very American soul.

And I refuse to have everything be taken without a fight.


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