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Bring Jesus and the GOP to Thanksgiving! A Music Video Viewing Guide For the Whole Family


Nothing says fun and festive like the Heritage Foundation, which sponsored Tuesday night's CNN GOP Obama-bash fest. But despite all the good feeling flowing about bombing Iranians and expelling Mexicans, the event lacked the warm fuzzy feeling that oozed out of last Saturday's Family Leader Thanksgiving  debate. Since the liberal media refused to show this tender face of the GOP on national television (the event was only streamed on-line), most Americans missed out. Specifically, they were deprived of

1) A lovely Thanksgiving spread replete with pumpkins, gourds, and what looked like some sort of Thanksgiving Nativity.

2) The tears of tough, law and order candidates whose sympathy has been understandably depleted and spent on themselves.

3) Frank Luntz's incredible performance as a Christian. Luntz, a Jew, moderated the  event -- in which Christian candidates, seated at a table in a church, waxed poetic on their Christian faith, recounted finding Jesus, and lamented those who hadn't -- as if he'd spenthis entire life going to Church and not synagogue. Luntz himself is quick to judge other Jews,  telling, for example, liberal Jewish American parents "You have let your children down. By your religious liberalism, you have done more to destroy a religion than any suicide bomber, any politician or anyone filled with hate ever could. Shame on you." But I guess passing as a Christian and enabling Christians who consider Jews, at best, " imperfect", is kosher in Luntz's reading of the Torah.

4) Michele Bachmann "submitting to/ respecting" the men by walking around the table and serving each of the a glass of water.

5) Christian rockers David Bush & Michael O'Brien's incredibly moving " (Jesus, We Need You) More than Ever" music video, which was screened before the debate and set a wonderfully Christian tone. The song is brilliant in form and content, opening with a snippet of "America the Beautiful" done in the "Penny for Your Thoughts" musical style featured in  Waiting for Guffman.

The good news is that you and your family can spend Thanksgiving watching the Thanksgiving-themed debate. It's the perfect family activity.

The "More than Ever" video will surely be the entertainment center-piece of your holiday gathering, but it will be the moral center-piece as well, informed as it is by the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the tradition of Christian parables, the video refuses to hit viewers on the head with its meanings or spoon feed its messages. Rather, it challenges the viewer with to analyze and deconstruct it. To help friends and family and yourself get the most of the subtle work of art, I present the following viewing guide. The words in italics are the lyrics of the song, which are visually featured during the video, to re-enforce the urgent message. This was an aesthetic choice, and in no way an endorsement of closed captioning or the Americans with Disabilities Act, both of which coddle our disabled, (who would otherwise most likely grow out of their disabilities) and make us less free and less safe! The words In plain font describe the images that accompany the lyrics.

Print out copies for your guests to help them capture the depth, nuance and beauty of what is sure to become an American classic.

[instrumental opening to America the Beautiful" and pan up on rugged patchwork quilt of images featuring words "More than Ever," an image of David Bush and Michael O Brien, and text saying "David Bush" and "Michael Brien" suggesting to the vie wer that these two men are responsible for the song you are about to enjoy which is called "Mor e than Ever". The particular image of David Bush emphasizes his resemblan ce to John Ashcroft, another gifted Christian singer and songwriter ]