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A Diverse and United DREAM Occupation

In the last few days there has been a barrage of media reports - spearheaded by none other than FOX News - trying to pigeonhole "Occupy Wall Street" to one community and promote a de-facto division by racial lines. This misrepresentation couldn't be farther from the truth. Across the country from - Los Angeles to New York - the movement has shown its diversity, its unity, and its solidarity. 2011-10-07-313506_10150340799169712_172945319711_7867538_2114005884_n.jpg Corruption, greed and the hijack of our democracy cut across all sectors of our society. For this reason, the movement aptly adopts the banner of the 99%. Mainstream and corporate media have tried to diffuse our collective strength - first through an incomprehensible blackout and now into its only other possible outcome: A circus - where each image will be their attempt to caricature the thousands of occupiers. The frontlines of the movement are truly diverse. There is no question that individuals show up because it matters, because it's personal, and because it hits home. What we're seeing are communities - carrying different banners, flags and messages - unified through one national movement. As the media struggles to comprehend what they're witnessing, the images from the ground, from the movement itself cannot be ignored. Why? The obvious answer: Wall Street's abusive greed knows no boundaries and continues to affect us all. Let's take the case of one section of the immigration rights movement and the abuse by private prison corporations. As anti-immigrant laws spring up, state-by state, across the country, we see the hand of Wall Street behind it. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, the two largest private prison corporations in the country, have seen their profits skyrocket to more than $5 billion in the last year - with each individual share close to $40. Wells Fargo manages 4 million of those shares and retains a solid chunk for their services. Meanwhile, these corporations have donated more than $20 million to the political process- hijacking state legislators and elected officials to push for more anti-immigrant laws - thereby ensuring more inmates are housed in their prisons and more profits reported in their quarterly statements. This is only one major example of greed run amuck, and one major reason why our communities have a vested interest in taking to the street in Alabama, in Georgia, in Texas, in Florida, in Indiana, in Arizona and in every state that made a buck off of human suffering. No wonder the DREAMER movement is joining in (and a much needed mobilization) - fighting for far too long. This is the beauty of this diverse movement - it shares a common goal through the lens of many unique individuals and their many powerful stories. We can't let corporate media dictate for whom this movement was created.
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