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Six Reasons Why SlutWalk Is Awesome


Amanda ready to join SlutWalk NYC.

Written by Amanda Marcotte for RH Reality Check. This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the  original post.

Political action really brings out the Generation Xer in me. Like a classic Xer, I’m not a joiner, I prefer sarcasm to earnestness, and folk music makes me itchy. Because of all this, I often approach the process of protesting the streets with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. I picture the pressure towards self-seriousness and chanting, and I want to find something else to do, such as sit at home and read the dictionary. But I go, because I do believe in the power of protests to compel change.

With all that in mind, I have to say that Saturday’s New York City version of SlutWalk wasn’t a chore to be slogged through. It was, dare I say, a really good time. I even ended up chanting, which I never do, because so many of the chants were delightfully funny as well as pointed.  My favorite was, “Rapists, go f--- yourselves!” With this in mind, I made a list of reasons why SlutWalk NYC was so awesome, with the hopes that those thinking of organizing one in their hometowns are inspired to redouble their efforts.

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