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Mickey Mouse Pleads with the Wisconsin Children: Don't Revolt! Watch TV! Go Shopping!


We are rewarded with our American Dream of convenience and entertainment – but the violence of our market will turn on us as it did on Mubarak and Qaddafi.  The imitation of democracy is the same as the imitation of national heroism – see photos and statues of generals on horse-back so common to these semi-comic dictators.  Both imitating systems fall when their citizens remember the sensation of freedom.  And freedom is hard to forget.

As Hilary Clinton pontificates about the “Free West,” she must feel a certain uneasiness.   She served on the Wal-mart board, and takes Wall Street cash for campaigns.   She must fear that we recall actual freedom, that risky, original feeling.  We don’t have to Google it.  As we grow up, we don’t need a corporate force making our choices.  We are alone with the mystery of life and we are members of a human community experiencing the same amazing journey.  We have the DNA of freedom in our souls.

( The Church of Earthalujah! This Sunday, 7:30 EST, Theatre 80, New York City)