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McDonald's Workers Told to Vote GOP or Face Financial Repercussions

The New York Times reports that employees in a Canton, Ohio McDonald's received a pamplet with their pay-checks this week urging them to vote Republican "or possibly face financial repercussions."
The pamphlet appeared calculated to intimidate workers into voting for Republican candidates by making a direct reference to their wages and benefits, said Allen Schulman, a Democrat who is president of the Canton City Council and said he obtained a copy of the pamphlet on Wednesday. The pamphlet said: “If the right people are elected, we will be able to continue with raises and benefits at or above the current levels. If others are elected, we will not.” It then named three Republican candidates after stating, “The following candidates are the ones we believe will help our business move forward.”
Schulman, a lawyer, told the Times that the practice violates a state law prohibiting electioneering materials from being attached to pay-checks. A spokesman for the national chain said the move represented, "an unfortunately lapse in judgment" on the part of the store's owner, Paul Siegfried, who released a statement through the company apologizing for offending any potential customers. A central theme in my book, The Fifteen Biggest Lies About the Economy, focuses on the Corporate Right's constant efforts to obscure the vast differences in the economic interests of working people and management and investors -- between Bill Gates and the guy who cleans Bill Gates' pool. Telling the folks who work the fry station at McDonald's to vote for what's best for "our business" is a great example. I have no doubt that the owner of a McDonald's franchise might pay a percentage point or two less in taxes under a GOP-led Congress, but it was the Dems --  the same ones who will lose their jobs next Tuesday -- who got a bill through that will guarantee that low-wage employers provide their workers with health-care for the first time in American history. The GOP controlled the House between 1995 and 2006, and during that time they repeatedly blocked efforts to raise the minimum wage. They blocked minimum wage hikes 11 times in 2006 alone. The first minimum wage increase in over a decade was passed 3 months after the Dems took the House in that fall's election. That's what's important to a McDonald's employee, or at least it should be.
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