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A Pledge To 1% of America


It's almost a shame that Americans are paying very little attention to the GOP's "Pledge To America." But maybe that's because most of it has nothing to do with them. What is not mentioned in the document makes it clear that it doesn't speak to the urgent  challenges Americans are facing. It doesn't "pledge" to address the mass suffering inflicted on millions of America by the current crisis, or what failing to do so will mean for generations of Americans, because it's not a pledge to most Americans. It's a pledge to 1 percent (or even less) of America.

Much has been made of the homogeneous, colorless  America depicted in the presentation of the pledge itself.

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The point  is a valid one that needs to be made. But the real color the "pledge" is concerned with is green, and those who have the most of it are its primary beneficiaries.

Recent statistics tell the story of what the rest of America is facing right now:

This leaves out older, even more depressing statistics. It's just a snapshot of the reality millions of Americans are facing today. Not only does the "pledge" not address that reality, it fails to solve the problems behind those statistics. In fact, it barely mentions them.


In this political climate, who isn't in favor or jobs? Who in their right mind could be "against" jobs? (I said who in their right mind.) With nearly 15 million Americans unemployed, jobs have become part of the refrain on the left and the right. The mantra on the left has been "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs," while the right has been fond of chanting "Where are the jobs?"

The difference between the two couldn't be any clearer. Democrats and progressives can point to stimulus programs that have created jobs in the midst of recession — some in the home districts of the very same Republicans who voted against the stimulus in the first place — even though the stimulus was smaller needed, after being whittled down to satisfy the demands of Republicans (and Blue Dogs). Republicans, for all their chanting of "Where are the jobs?," conveniently forget the ones the stimulus created in their own back yards, and the 240,000 jobs the GOP killed so recently that the corpses are still warm.

What does the "pledge" say about jobs? Not much. The word appears in the "pledge," but the GOP's plan for job creation amounts to little more than the "cut taxes and hope for the best" approach that not only didn't work before but left us ill-prepared for the current crisis.

After virtually eight years of Republican control of government, here's what we know about their tax cuts for the wealthy:

Not only are Republicans fighting to extend the same tax cuts for the wealthy that proved disastrous for America's economy, its middle class and working class, but they are holding hostage tax cuts for middle and working class Americans in order to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.