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Fancy New Drug Test Makes It Easier for Police, Parents to Violate Privacy


Great news! A new hand-held drug testing device will make it easier for police to bust people for smoking pot and for parents to invade their children's privacy instead of actually talking to them.

Vantix, which can allegedly measure microscopic residue of marijuana and cocaine in 5 minutes, will be available in two years. The British company that developed the test seems hopeful that the stupid ways America deals with drugs bode well for the market success of their product.

Kevin Auton of Universal Sensors: "In America, parents are taking samples of their children's saliva and hair and sending them off to labs to see if their children are taking drugs. If there is demand for it here, it would be an interesting market."

'It is controversial but the test can be used in the home for worried parents to test if their children are taking drugs.'

Unfortunately for the company, British people might care about privacy: "I'm not sure if parents are ready in this country and the test raises privacy issues." The US on the other hand...

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