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Where Do all the Liars Who Got us Into Iraq End up? Fox News!


MORRIS: Yes, he should. And those things are really both for -- both false. The notion that he has to solve a 50-year-old problem in the Middle East before he can stop somebody from developing an atomic bomb they're going to use against us or Israel is ludicrous. It's put there by the moderate Arab countries to try to stop him from ever doing anything.

And I can't think of anything better for the stock market than to get it the heck off the A-section of the newspaper and back in the C-section where it belongs. If there were just negative earnings reports and stuff, the market wouldn't be going this crazy.

It's that -- it's -- it's even pushed the Roman Catholic priest scandal off the front pages.

And the point is, we have only one front page in every newspaper at any given time. And if it's all going to be about Iraq, it's not going to be about the stock market, which will help the market.

GIBSON: Oh, yes, but are you saying that to -- that the president should -- that the president can say, Look, I'm going to start this thing now, I'm going to start this campaign, I'm going to move troops, we're going to get going, and that he, he can set aside the, the grumbling, the mumbling that he is starting a war to save his political problems?

MORRIS: Yes, sure he can, because no Democrat is going to dare say that. If some Democrat gets out there and says, You're starting this war because of the election, he'll kill them. He'll say, I'm starting the war. When this guy used poison gas and when I invade him, I'll find five laboratories for enriching uranium.

Look, if George Bush announced on Labor Day, Hey, I've made a discovery, Uganda is developing weapons of mass destruction and we're going to attack it, OK, that's wagging the dog. But this guy has been talking about Iraq for a year now. Eighty-five percent of the country wants him to invade. It's very clear he's made the case. What he's done so far is procrastinate, for two reasons.

Legitimately, he felt he wanted to do some work in Israel and world opinion. But the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) -- illegitimately. But legitimately, it was that you don't fight a war in the desert in the summer. It's hot, particularly in those chemical uniforms. You ever been in one of them? It's hot.

And the point is, you fight a war in the winter in the desert. Duh? January and February. And it takes you about six months to do the troop buildup, so it starts in September.

Morris: "Once our guys go in there, and women go in there, they're going to find weapons and labs that 80 inspectors can't find, but 100,000 soldiers can." On December 8, 2002, edition Fox News'  Fox Wire (accessed via Nexis), Morris said: "Seventy-nine percent of the American people think Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Sixty-two percent think he's planning to use it on us. And Bush is the judge and the jury. Once our guys go in there, and women go in there, they're going to find weapons and labs that 80 inspectors can't find, but 100,000 soldiers can." He further stated that "if I were Bush, what I would do right now is I would say, look. You're lying. You're lying through your teeth. And unless you tell the truth by January 1, I'm going to attack on January 2." Later during the segment, Morris said that Saddam is "a bad guy that wants to get nuclear weapons. He's a bad guy that has chemical and biological weapons. And he is fully as much of a threat as al Qaeda is."

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