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Tea Party Candidate's Plan for Economy: Put Senior Citizens on Cat Food

This post first appeared on Hullabaloo. Wow. Alan Grayson's probable GOP opponent seriously wants to put retirees on a catfood diet:
A Republican House candidate in Florida wants senior citizens to share the burden of reducing the national budget deficit through cuts to Social Security benefits. "My number one priority would be to cut spending, turn off the spigot. We can do that, and the way we would do that is to roll back the budget to 2007," said Daniel Webster during a Tea Party forum for Republican candidates gunning for firebrand Democrat Alan Grayson's job. "Just three years ago, if we would take that budget and pass it today just as it was, does it roll back some salary increases? Yes," Webster continued. "Does it get rid of TARP and health care and all of the other things, including the stimulus package? Yes, it does that. Does it take back some of the COLAs for the entitlement programs? Yes, it does that, too. But it's only three years ago. If we took that budget and passed it, it would self-balance in two more years."
Aside from all the other idiocy (and convenient ignoring of the bloated Pentagon budget) what this translates into for senior citizens is this:
Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) in 2008 and 2009, of 2.3 percent and 5.8 percent, respectively, amounted to roughly $100 per retiree every month.
Sure, those are the people who should have to pay for Webster's party's looting of the treasury and deregulation of the financial system. That's only fair. Besides, only losers would care about the loss of 100 bucks a month. They deserve to suffer. These guys are so offensive, with their blithe talk about "rolling back" everything to 2007 and turning off the spigot. Well, it isn't 2007, it's 2010 and we're dealing with an economic crisis of huge proportions caused by bozos just like him who turned this country into a disaster zone with the policies they governed under --- in 2007! I'm to the point that I can hardly even stand to listen to the swill they spew. These privileged creeps love to prescribe "sacrifice" for little old ladies and children (and the love to drop bombs on them too.) But ask them to pay a penny more in taxes and they whine and pout like spoiled little princes and threaten to blow up the whole country if anyone even tries it. Anybody know where you can buy cheap pitchforks these days?
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