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Sharron Angle's Advice to 13 Year Old Rape Victims: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade


In a January interview unearthed and widely publicized last week, GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle told radio host David Manders that she opposes abortion even in cases of incest and rape, because "God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things." Waiting for God to fix things isn't the most practical course of action for pregnant rape and incest victims; fortunately Angle has another recommendation: when life give you lemons (like rape) make lemonade (like carrying your rapist's child to term against your will). Here's an interview with Angle from late June on the conservative Alan Stock Show, in which Stock asks Angle what she'd tell a 13-year-old raped and impregnated by her father (h/t Sam Stein):

Stock: What do you say then to a young girl, I am going to place it as he said it, when a young girl is raped by her father, let's say, and she is pregnant. How do you explain this to her in terms of wanting her to go through the process of having the baby?

Angle: I think that two wrongs don't make a right. And I have been in the situation of counseling young girls, not 13 but 15, who have had very at risk, difficult pregnancies. And my counsel was to look for some alternatives, which they did. And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade. Well one girl in particular moved in with the adoptive parents of her child, and they both were adopted. Both of them grew up, one graduated from high school, the other had parents that loved her and she also graduated from high school. And I'll tell you the little girl who was born from that very poor situation came to me when she was 13 and said 'I know what you did thank you for saving my life.' So it is meaningful to me to err on the side of life.

Whoever's in charge of muffling Angle's crazy long enough to give her a chance at victory in the general election needs to step up their game. Most Americans, including many who are uneasy with the procedure, support abortion in cases of rape and incest (8 in 10 Americans support abortion in cases of incest or rape -- or when a mother's life is in danger) according to an ABC/Washington Post poll). Certainly personalizing the scenario will not make her extremist anti-choice stance any more appealing to the general public. Between Angle's empassioned defense of BP and rigid, offensive anti-choice flubs, everything is coming up Harry Reid.