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Why God Doesn't Listen To Your Prayers


Now here is the kicker. I still love God and pray frequently. God is the creative power of existence. Prayer is a radical act of centering and a powerful spiritual practice that helps unite me to the divine. In some ways it is similar to meditation, but it also differs. It is more active, and in prayer I will often imagine people being held and surrounded by love. Or I will visualize transforming fear into hope. I find that prayer attunes me to my deepest and highest self while providing clarity an insight into my life. It is also a time for me to reflect on my actions and behaviors. Who can I forgive? How can I live more purposefully? Prayer is an opportunity to contemplate the sacred nature of existence. It reminds me of something more real than I could ever discover through reason or science. The liberation theologian Ivone Gebara describes this experience well, "We open ourselves to praise, to the canticle of the universe, to the ecstasy that makes us feel at the same time our grandeur and our smallness, our one body and our individuality, our tentativeness and, in a way, our eternity." And finally prayer in a group provides a powerful bonding experience that deepens our connections to each other, strengthens our resolve and is an opportunity for intimacy, transformation and growth.

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